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This year has been a great year so far!  These boys have learned so much through out the season!  Here are a few of my thoughts about the season so far.

In the last three games the Rattlers have only hit off the tee one time.  We are hitting the ball much better than the beginning of the year!  Paul Broussard and Owen Mathews have mastered hitting the ball to the outfield.  Griffin Moon is starting to hit solid line drives.  Alex Wilson has been the most improved hitter so far.  At the beginning of the season he used the tee quite a bit.  Now he is hitting the ball every At-Bat!  Sean Flynn has been hitting the ball much better also.  He has the best approach to the plate.  I love how focused he is when he hits.  If he happens to swing and miss, he will slam that bat down on the plate and get himself ready for the next pitch.  Lucas Priest hasn’t struggled all year.  He consistently gets on base with good hits.  We seem to have two switch hitters on the team in Xander Lopez and Zander Felker both of them have had games where they have hits from both sides of the plate.

Our defense has been incredible!  In the last game alone we recorded 10 outs in the entire game.  In the last inning Kyle Compton alone got three outs in a row at 3rd Base!  We have had our share of awesome catches too.  Marc Arnold caught a hard line drive at 3rd Base.  He didn’t even know that he caught it.  You should have seen his face when he realized it was in his glove.  Chace smith caught a pop fly while playing Pitcher.  Not only did he catch it, but he ran to the plate and tagged out a base runner for a double play!  Does that normally happen in T-Ball?  Brent Jefferson got our first out of the year where we caught a ground ball and threw it to first for the out.  Steven Reddington has had some of the hardest hits to him this year.  He hasn’t been scared of the ball once!  He has made some great plays at 2nd Base to get us some outs.

What is it about the catcher position?  In between each inning EVERY kid will ask me to play catcher!  I guess its because they get to wear the Catcher’s gear, or because the ball gets pitched to them.  I guess they can enjoy it now, they probably won’t be asking to play there in the future.

I have appreciated all the help I have received this year.  I am sure every kid will thank Coach Mathews for pitching this year.  I have the hardest time pitching low enough for the kids to hit the ball good.  Plus I hit them.  Coach Mathews doesn’t only throw strikes, but he encourages each kid when they miss the ball.  He does a great job at keeping them comfortable up there.  Coach Reddington has done a great job at getting the kids ready to hit each game.  It is probably the toughest job on the team being in the dugout with every kid asking him when they are going to hit.  Again, we couldn’t get these games done in time without him.  Cherise Felker has done a good job getting the snack schedule organized and doing the banner for the opening day ceremonies.  Oh, and Amelia Reddington our other “Coach” she was ready to step in the day I was the only coach out there.

I am thinking of having a party for the end of the year on June 12th at 4:30 at my house.  We can cook out, have a father son cornhole tournament, play some wiffle ball, it will be a good time.  Let me know your thoughts on this and if you can make it, I would like to have everyone there if possible.  I plan on handing out trophies for the kids at the party as well.  More details to come.  Email me at ryanfelker@gmail.com if the date and time will work for you.


Sorry Everyone – Despite the nice day, the County has closed the fields.

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No practice on 3/27

Practice Cancelled on 03/13/10

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Welcome to the Rattlers T-Ball Blog

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Hello Timber Rattlers team!  I decided to set up a blog for the 2010 T-Ball 2 season.  In the blog I will be posting schedules, recaps, photos, and the roster.  I am looking forward to this season and meeting everyone during the clinic on March 7rd.  For those that do not know we are having a T-Ball clinic at the Manchester Complex on March 7th at 3:00.  We are going to have a lot of fun this year.  See you guys out there!